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Remembering my Cadaver

The Doctor On Call

Human anatomy laboratory, UoN. Photo credits: Internet

Table 9 is directly in front of you when you enter the Human Anatomy Lab. One table, then table 9. I loved table 9 because I could easily peep when Prof Saidi (Rest in power) was coming, Saidi, or Dr. Beda. Table 9 also gave you another advantage; you got access to fresh air from the wide door and the air conditioner behind us. You needed the fresh air because you could easily choke under the heavy stench of formalin, a substance used to preserve dead bodies for us geeks to cut. Typically, formalin is pumped into the femoral artery, midway between where the torso gives way to the thighs. Then on the neck of the cadaver, you would find another cut with a hurried stitch on it; another route for formalin infusion. I guess you need copious amounts of the chemical to…

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A torn Vena Cava

My brother writes…. he writes beautifully. And the beauty of the writing at least masks the ugly side of the story

The Doctor On Call

Graphics by Sheldon Kahiga

An abdominal scan showed that Syombua* had free fluid in her abdomen. She had been involved in a grizzly road accident that claimed the lives of two others. Syombua made it here just in time to create drama that had never been witnessed before in the many years of existence of our hospital. When you have been around in medicine for some time, you kind of know the kind of patients you need to treat with utmost urgency and those that you can buy some time. It is a survival trick that has kept me afloat as a medical intern. Syombua was to be treated as an emergency.

I informed the surgery resident of the ‘bad case’ we were about to have and went straight to the theatre. With emergency operations such as the one Syombua was scheduled for, you don’t want to be the one…

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Winners and Losers of Coronavirus

Covid-19 | New Scientist

It came, we are seeing it, feeling it, fighting it and just like the other pandemics before, eventually we will conquer it. At first, we thought it was a China problem. Then it spread through Asia, Europe and like wild fire the rest of the world was on it’s knees. Health systems are now put to test and they are crumbling, for now. For once citizens understand why doctors go to the streets demanding for better working conditions and equipment. Locally, the great Dr. Oluga was on air and I could feel he wanted to say “I told you so! I went to jail so that we won’t be this vulnerable but you bashed at me…”. But he’s above that. He couldn’t stoop that low, so the interviews he conducted he just advised and informed the nation about the virus.

In all major wars, there are always winners and losers, and this will be no different. Unlike in the other wars where nations were fighting among themselves, here, mankind was fighting for it’s survival. And here’s the list of winners and losers in this great fight.




Safaricom M-PESA - IMTC

Should i ask you to do an inventory of all the mobile money transactions you are now making via mpesa over this period in an effort to avoid coming into contact with contaminated moneys? And what about the amount you spend on airtime as you check on your side chic who’s in the remotest corner of Kasipul Kabondo self quarantined? Lemme not embarrass you any further.

2. Health sector

Vital Signs Monitoring Display In Icu Showing Heart Rate Pulse And ...

Hospitals are quickly getting equipped. Initially, the public health care system in the country had slightly over 150 ICU bed. Due to patients needing specialized critical care, more ICU beds have to be found. Ventilators are being sort in masses. One hospital that was taking unusually longer construction time due to unscrupulous contractors were finished in a record time after the president cracked the whip.

3. Sanitizer and detergent companies 

Prices for these essentials was hiked but people still bought them in numbers during the first days until the government had to come in and restore order. But still, there is still demand.

4. Rivatex and other similar companies.

Safety masks are the new fashion. Demand for medical safety clothing is there and they are here to supply. Imagine the cash they rake in.


1. Diplomacy

The purported enmity between Russia and USA is kinda put aside as Russia sent medical aid to the Americans. They did the same to Italy. China sent medical personnel to italy also. This is being reciprocated across the globe

2. Medical Equipment Companies

1. Medtronic Plc - Medical Product Outsourcing

Medtronics and other similar companies will for sure move some feet up in the fortune 500 companies’ list this financial year. Ventilators were high in demand and so was patient monitors, anaesthesia machines among others.

3. Science and Innovation 

South Africa] Cabinet approves white paper on Science, Technology ...

Due to race against time, scientists from different countries are coming together to find a cure. Greater milestones will be achieved and discoveries be made in the fields of epidemiology and virology. Even locally, we have realized we can actually make our own masks and PPEs. Universities like the Technical University of Mombasa are developing local ventilator prototypes and recently they developed an automatic sprayer at Likoni ferry Channel to help combat the virus.

4. Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime etc

netflix hulu amazon prime hbo Sling TV YouTube Red cbs

People are all at home and need distractions. Subscriptions to these services shot so is their coffers.


1. Laid off workers

Due to companies and businesses closing, a lot of people are left jobless. Others are forced to take unpaid leave. 

2. Transport industry 

Top 100 Transport and Logistics Firms: A Complete List

Countries locked down their borders to stop spreading the virus. In the process, airlines can’t make international flights. The industry is losing billions of dollars every passing day. Also, within borders, movement is restricted.

3. Exporters and importers

Locked borders, no flights and ships hence no sale and purchase of goods. More explanation?

4. Sports

Top 20 professional sports leagues in the world by revenue -

Olympics and all other sports leagues save for maybe EA sports(which i can’t truly verify) were all cancelled. Weekends feels like a lifetime for most football fans.

5. Hotels

Self quarantine is encouraged with some areas having curfew hours and in extreme cases, total lockdown in some regions. People are therefore confined in their homes and not hotels.

6. Medical personnel

Medical Personnel Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

I’ve stated before that health care will be one of the greatest winners. But what of those who work there? Long working hours away from family and friends due to shortage of staff is no joke. Also seeing people die day after day will take a toll on them. After the pandemic, they surely will need counselling.

7. Students

To close or keep open? Schools dilemma as virus knocks : The Standard

Schools and varsities across the globe have been closed. KCSE and KCPE students will have to have their calendars revised despite Prof. Magoha’s tough talk in order for them to finish their syllabus before the national exams. 

8. Social Gatherings

People were told to avoid instances where there would be large crowds of persons. Clubs and organized religion are facing tough times. Weddings and funerals take place with as less people as possible. Did you take notice of how sombre the Easter festivities were?

9. Police officers

As others are on “vacations” in their homes, these ones are out in the streets implementing the curfew orders.

10. Husbands to nagging wives

How To Deal With A Nagging Wife

Absence makes the heart fonder. But here you’re stuck with someone who shouts 13 times every 2 seconds (i also don’t know how possible that is but yea, it happens). Before, a man could walk out at 10 am with the excuse of going to the barber shop and return at 2200 hrs, smelling like brewery to an enraged woman who will shout but due to the drunkenness, the yells won’t scare him. Now he can’t be out past 6:50pm.


ndugu abisai

Image result for Bar counter

One time he woke up on the trench of a filthy,smelly urinal in a bar in Kariobangi. A heavy head and a pocket that seemed to have built an endless hall.Empty.His hair was bushy and his wrists pained.He had a cut just below his eyes.His bony hands were weak.His legs twig thin.Carrying himself was a burden,it felt like pushing a crater.He only had his right shoe and a sock on the left.He did not have a sock on the foot that had a shoe on.Strange things happen to people in urinals.His zippers were wide open.He had no boxers though he can’t remember leaving his desk at work without one.Maybe it dissolved.Maybe he did not even have it the whole of that day.He maybe forgot to put them on when he left his small house that morning.He had become  forgetful.Like a warthog.He simply could not piece things together.The only past he…

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