ndugu abisai

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One time he woke up on the trench of a filthy,smelly urinal in a bar in Kariobangi. A heavy head and a pocket that seemed to have built an endless hall.Empty.His hair was bushy and his wrists pained.He had a cut just below his eyes.His bony hands were weak.His legs twig thin.Carrying himself was a burden,it felt like pushing a crater.He only had his right shoe and a sock on the left.He did not have a sock on the foot that had a shoe on.Strange things happen to people in urinals.His zippers were wide open.He had no boxers though he can’t remember leaving his desk at work without one.Maybe it dissolved.Maybe he did not even have it the whole of that day.He maybe forgot to put them on when he left his small house that morning.He had become  forgetful.Like a warthog.He simply could not piece things together.The only past he…

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