The delay 

It’s not everyday that you start to hit the keyboard and the story-line rolls. At times, I get the idea, but when I start at it, the flow is not there. You have like three different paragraphs that just won’t connect. The past 2 or so weeks has been such. Maybe because of the numerous deaths of the national men. Though I’m not sure if the flags went half-mast, but my writing was. 
I haven’t wrote anything recently worth publishing and on Saturday when that siprit of wordings came, after doing 2 paragraphs on an article about a friend’s predicaments, I check Arnold’s WhatsApp status. There the bad news was smeared for all to see. Chester Bennington was dead. I’m a die-hard linkin park fan. I even had all their albums before some bastard decided to steal my flash disk (here is where I ask anyone with all those studio albums:meteora, hybrid theory etc, if they can help a brother out). I don’t know how I deleted that article, but I did. 

I get it. I get too sentimental at times, more than your average lass, but truth be told, I was more touched by his death than that of our late politicians. Some had bad reputations that even at death the endless PRs, family’s and leaders’ calls for sympathy and  tolerance could not wash away. Death cannot turn a black spot to a white spot. I don’t trust eulogies. They over-amplify the good but muzzle the bad. I’ll appreciate if they said the worst so that we can learn from them, the good so we can emulate, but not a one sided stuff.

To wrap it all, I apologize for the delay. And before I forget, the pic of people at a funeral service is by Gado, a talented cartoonist. I can’t remember from whose Facebook account I grabbed it from. The other is linkin Park’s Chester Bennington(may he RIP) doing what made my soul feel good. Anyone with linkin park albums or a means(links or free download sites) I can get them to contact me. 


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